Thursday, 7 June 2012

TRENDING: The Revival of Printed Silk Shirts & Jackets

Cassie in Versace Venetian Print Silk Shirt

Drake in Versace Barocca Print Blue Silk Shirt

Tyga and Chyna in Versace Silk Print Shirts

Nick Young in Versace Silk Print Shirt

Beyonce in Versace Venetian Print Silk Shirt

Lady Gaga in Vintage 1992 Versace Silk Printed Shirt

Rihanna in Chanel Silk Printed Jacket 

Chris Brown''s collection of Silk Printed Jackets 

Notorious BIG and Diddy in the 90's 

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You can take this trend back to the Biggie and "Puff Daddy" 'Hypnotize' days.  Printed silk shirts and jackets have definitely made a huge comeback and I have to say "I'm loving it".  Celebs such as Cassie, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Tyga, Rihanna and Drake have all been rocking this trend.  Versace has re-issued a limited number of classic print silk shirts that were ever so popular in the 1990's.  The Versace shirts are available in Versace stores Worldwide, as well as department stores, boutiques and online shops.  Versace decided to re-release the classic shirts after seeing runway collections filled with obvious inspiration from the 90's trend.

From Versace, to Chanel and Celine...these shirts have been an iconic look and will probably remain so in years to come.

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